I see you have found your way to my bio. Although where I come from, what I have experienced and learn all my life matters and shaped me to who I am today, it is not essentially for me. I believe in sharing my passion from my heart will inspire you to do the same, this journey is  about inviting you to flourish. For me it is about inviting you to grow and to be your- self. So where I come from does not matter, further more how I present it, how well I can co-create a space  with you for us to be moved and move.

I believe everyone can shine, whether or not you went to a holistic school in china or studied with monks in Nepal. The most inspiring people I have met just do it with no goal or specific outcome and they do not need studies to do so. I leave you with this.

” What ever I have done will never accommodate the profoundness of my being as it is.” Zooey

BIO: At young age she moved from Norway to live in Africa and Germany. After a decade of living abroad she moved back to Norway,where she is based at the moment. The years far from a rich country like Norway opened her eyes to a much richer (inner) world.  Her journey has led her to study and explore many spiritual directions and teachings.

Massage Aromatherapy, Pregnancy massage and Thai massage
Yoga Acroyoga, Budokon Yoga and Bikram
Martial arts  Aikido, Budokon and Capoeira
Dance Traditional, Biodanza and Ecstatic dancing
Spiritual practices  Buddhism, shamanism and tantra
Food  Raw Food and the optimal nutrition for herself and others
AcroYoga Teacher 500h
Budokon Teacher 200h
Doula pregnancy terapist 200h
Pregnancy Massage 50h
Thai massage 100h
Her devotion and passion for Yoga, movements and collective playfulness travels with her wherever she steps. She shares from her heart and will invite you to know your self and you limits and then to expand them. With love she is facing and challenging you on every level.

For me AcroYoga is to reconnect to my playfulness and innocence, that I was disconnected from for many years. I found joy, connection to myself and others, trust and support in AcroYoga. I went there the first time, just to have fun, but found a family that was so much more then just practicing Yoga together.  AcroYoga  challenges and supports me on all aspects of myself  and invited me lovingly to be the best version of myself that I can be. For me this support, trust and challenges gives me room to realize and reconnect to my authentic self and is absolutely the reason why I stand full-hearted behind this practice.
I love the instant community that it creates and the intimacy I share with other practitioners. I am again and again suprized by how much love, trust and bliss AcroYoga gives people and this ultimates give me a purpose to continue share my passion for AcroYoga.
I am gratful to be a part of the AcroYoga community, because everything that AcroYoga is associated with, resonates with my intentions for this world.
I learned  in AcroYoga to move with ease through life, change my attitude in life from work to play and to go with the flow, meaning accepting what is in any given moment. AcroYoga invited me to have more fun in life and not to take neither myself or life too serious. Which is awesome!
”I like to say that when you meet another yoga practitioner, you have someone you can talk to. When you meet another acro yogi, you have someone you can play with. And then there is the enjoyment of doing really cool things with you and your partner’s body in a trusting, present, playful manner.” Daniel Scott
I instantly fell in love with Budokon when I first saw someone practice it. Budokon is amazingly beautiful to watch and fascinatingly also strengthening you on every level of your being. For me Budokon is a beautiful dance between strength and flexibility, between movements and stillness and a dance between ease and challenge.
The fluid movements of Budokon Yoga makes it challenging and yet easy and keeps my Yoga practice constantly interesting and evolving.
The perfect balance between Yoga, martial Art and living arts fascinates me about Budokon and it is more then the physical practice with Budokon that gives me awe. Budokon is family.
Budokon invites and inspires me gently to observe my every thought, emotion and action, take responsibility for myself, expand and explore my limits and myself and to be comfortable moving beyond the unknown.
Budokon challenges me and I love it!
The 6 pillars that compounds Budokon together ( thoughts, emotions, relationship, environment, fitness and diet) makes Budokon an unique system. In my opinion everyone should try out Budokon.


” …the best thing in my life is myself. This is the realization, I AM , a act of love from the world. And there is nothing out there that I is not inside. I invite you to fall in love, with your self. From there you can move mountains, share yourself through your passion and ultimately invite others to do the same.This is the ultimate gift to the world, act of eternal love and gratitude. The beauty eternal of reciprocity.” Zooey