Yoga holds the SOLAR and the LUNAR together. Yoga is what make AcroYoga an unique and heartwarming practice.
Yoga is the glue between the Solar and the Lunar Practices. It is a Physical Practice as well as a life philosophy that is honed through postures, breathing exercises,  lifestyle, mantras, etc. All partner practices are fed by solo practices. In AcroYoga  has designed a Solar and Lunar solo Practice that will help students embody the techniques that will feed into partner practices. As we develop a deeper  sence of self reflect in all areas of our life, Yoga Philosophy helps us to understand our divine gifts and invites us to put them to good use.
It is the wisdom of yoga that helps us to approach all of these practices with humility, dedication and devotion. The path of yoga can impact your every decision, action and breathe with mindfulness, service and love.
Building community through divine play