Practicing AcroYoga you may find yourself
  •  Experiencing more joy
  •  Stronger, more balance and flexibility
  •  Practicing compassionate, neutral communication skills
  •  Cultivating loving kindess (metta)
  •  Taking more risks in your life
  •  Trusting yourself and others
  •  Making new friends
  •  Releasing fear and anxiety
  •  Changing life from work to play
  •  Surpassing the limitations of your mind
  •  Embracing the unknown
  •  Accepting what is
  •  Feeling centered
  •  Feeling supported and loved in a safe environment
  •  Connecting with your playfulness, innocence and divine
As we  focus on communication, trust and playfulness  we strengthen our  mind and body equally.This is what makes AcroYoga such a unique, innovative and fun way of practice.

 Building community through divine play