Uranta was founded in October of 2012, in San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco, Mexico,
out of the growing need for comfortable fashion wear for people in search
of deep inner meaning.

Uranta is made for people who celebrate their lives through the inspiration
of creative movement. People who like to dance, stretch, sweat, jump and
applaud each moment of their lives. In an era of awakening, people are
beginning to be more conscious of both their inner life and how we’re all
interconnected with our surroundings. This is why Uranta is concerned about
our world, and why we’re acting to improve these connections.

We work as a small team of incredible human beings who support each other
and work as an extended family. Our family uses 60% recycled fabrics, and
we source the vast majority of our fabric from the discarded remnants from
other clothing manufacturers, so our impact to the environment is reduced.
We’ve even found creative ways to use the waste from our own production
process by making scarves, headbands and re-usable shopping bags that we
supply when our customers purchase our clothing. In addition, we’re also
reducing our footprint by using recycled and recyclable materials for all
of our shipping.

We’re also socially committed and that’s why we’re working with
disadvantaged women and single mothers that work from home. We’re in the
process of creating a cooperative so these woman can eventually own their
own businesses. In addition to creating work for those who may not
ordinarily have the opportunity, we’re also committed to bringing yoga to
all our workers to improve the health and vitality of our community.


www.flyingflowyoga.com is the only distributor of Uranta in Europe. For more information visit our online shop and  feel free to contact us.