TRUST             EMPOWERMENT          COMMUNICATION          JOY           ACHIEVEMENT               STRENGTH

SOLAR is a dynamic, acrobatic  and energetic practice.
In the SOLAR practice we focus on strength and trust building, inversions and partner acrobatics.
Physical training such as abdominal excise, full body integration and partner conditioning are the building blocks for this practice.
Building strength in our physical body is also a way of expanding our personal, emotional and mental power.
Inversions (headstands, handstand etc) with spotting give us a chance to explore the universe from a different perspective. It also allows us to strengthen our own power and  learn efficient spotting, which is key for partner acrobatics.
In partner acrobatics we bring it all together in a group of three ; BASE (strenght), FLYER (trust) and SPOTTER (awareness).
This practice gives us joy, power and courage while we literally  fly through the sky.
Building community through divine play