WHO CAN PRACTICE ACROYOGA? AcroYoga plays beyond age, religion, size and gender. Are you motivated  you should join. Be prepared that it can be challenging and with the right attitude you will be surprise how much you can achieve.

I HAVE NEVER DONE ACROYOGA. Good!  If you are open, tuned to learn something new and exited about having fun, you’re bound to have a good time!

I HAVE NEVER DONE YOGA BEFORE……join us anyway and surprise yourself, how fast you learn, what you can achieve and how much you already know. With the right attitude you can come a long way! Last but not least how much fun you can have!

DO I NEED TO BRING A PARTNER? There is no need to bring a partner. We work in groups and partners will change. Nevertheless you are more then welcome to bring a friend.

I AM PREGNANT. You are welcome to join, but listen to your body. Inversion are not recommended in the late stages of pregnancy.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING… Bring your beautiful self,  a yoga mat and a water bottle.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Something comfortable, layers are good, temperature may vary.

 “Joy and love is everything, attitude is key.” Zooey