“Working in partnership gives us the feedback we need to grow.” -Jason Nemer
ACRO YOGA blends the dynamic power of acrobatics, the wisdom and consciousness of Yoga and the healing arts of Thai massage. These three lineage  combined together makes Acro Yoga  an unique system which cultivates trust, playfullness and connection. Acro( high) Yoga (union) highest aim is to bring individuals into a state of union within themselves and with others.
Unlike the traditional form of yoga that is practiced alone, this variant of Yoga  involves two partners minimum who perform different movements together. Sharing the practice with an other Yogi makes it more fun and challenging at the same time, as you can explore  diffenrent aspects of the bodys posibilities, such as weightlessness and complete trust of the other.
AcroYoga, as the word allready discribes, is a mixture between those two linages and is practiced in two different ways: the SOLAR and the LUNAR.
We can apply  everything we learn in acroyoga onto our lives.
Are you MOVING or are you beeing MOVED?
This is the constant dance in Acro yoga.
As a base you move, as a flyer you are beeing moved. As a reciever you are beeing moved as a giver you are moving.
This type of Yoga has a great balance between playfulness and inner connection, easiness and challenge.
This is a fun and playful way to do yoga and connect others.